Ball Calls

Coverall in 34 or less
Coverall in 35 exactly
Coverall in 36 exactly
Coverall in 37 exactly
Coverall in 38 exactly
Coverall in 39 exactly
Coverall in 40 exactly

SPIN & WIN Between...


*All prizes are awarded on a NO SPLIT basis and NO LIMIT to the number of winners!

And the Prizes Don't Stop!

With MULTI-WIN Games, the Prizes Keep Going and
Going and Going, No Matter How Many Winners

Official Rules

  1. Players must meet minimum age requirements for gambling at the participating location and can be required to show valid proof of age to participate.
  2. A player who achieves a winning pattern is responsible for calling out "Bingo" loud enough and clear enough to alert the bingo caller. If a player calls "Bingo" and the caller does not respond, it is the player's responsibility to yell "Bingo" again until heard by the caller.
  3. Once the bingo caller closes the game or calls the next ball, no other bingo will be honored. A player must have the last number called for a valid bingo. Sleepers are not valid and will not be paid.
  4. A bingo ball number must be called. The bingo ball on the display monitor is not part of the official game until called.
  5. All wins are subject to verification. In the event a win cannot be verified it will not be eligible for any prize.
  6. A player that achieves a coverall will have one opportunity to spin the Super Spin Bingo® wheel. Once the Super Spin Bingo wheel stops, the winner will be awarded the amount shown on the wheel. In the event of multiple winners on the same ball call, the bingo Representative will spin the Super Spin Bingo wheel one time, or one time per prize level if winners are in differing prize level categories, to determine the amount of the prize, which will be awarded to the winners on a "no-split" basis.
  7. In the event that duplicate cards or faces are sold for the same game, all duplicates will be treated as a single card or face and prizes will be split. Management will do their best to insure that no duplicates are on the floor.
  8. By participating in this game, the player acknowledges and agrees that, in order to receive any game prize $1,200 or greater, he or she must provide a valid government issued form of identification and their social security number.
  9. By participating in this game, the player acknowledges and agrees that, in order to receive any Game prize of $50,000 or more, he or she must sign an affidavit attesting to their compliance with these Official Game Rules and must sign a Game Prize/Liability form. Winners will be asked to provide the participating location, Gaming Arts and any of their affiliated companies with permission to use the participant's name, image, likeness, etc. for promotions/advertising purposes without further consideration.
  10. Winners are responsible for any and all taxes.
  11. Each player must have their own valid and current buy-in receipt from the cashier and must play their own card face in order to win a Game prize. Players must check their buy-in receipt before leaving the admission counter to ensure it is correct. Winners can be required to submit their buy-in receipt to claim their prize.
  12. If a claimed bingo cannot be verified due to the winning card being obscured, altered, or mutilated in any way the bingo will be disqualified.
  13. Any equipment malfunction or any other circumstance that alters the fair draw odds will void the game results.
  14. All house rules of the participating location that do not conflict with these rules are applicable to this game.
  15. By participating in this game, the player agrees that these rules are binding. In the event of a dispute, all decisions of the participating location's gaming regulatory authority are final.

2018 Gaming Arts, LLC. Multi-win games are covered by U.S. Patents 8,715,057, and 8,740,686. Super Spin Bingo is patent pending.